Our goal is to make your life easier while enriching theirs!

Our Hourly, On-Demand Drop-in Program provides the flexibility to drop off your kids for hourly childcare.

You can drop them off at any time and pay by the hour, with no contract or time commitment. We also offer hourly packages and a membership program for those families looking for a community of like-minded people.

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Children 12 months

(and walking) to 9 years old



7:30 AM – 6:30 PM

(last drop-off 4:30 PM)



10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

(last drop-off 3:00 PM)

Hourly Drop-in Rates



First child



Second Sibling



Each Additional Sibling



Hourly Drop-in Rates For Non-members

Our hourly packages allow your family to conveniently purchase on demand childcare hours at a bundled, discounted rate to use at your discretion.

Please keep in mind that our Hourly Packages have a 3-month expiration date for non members. We also offer discounted prices for families with more than one sibling.

NON MEMBER RATES (Standard hourly rate $23/hr)

Hourly Packages

3 month-expiration date

Package Rate

1 Child

Package Rate

2 Children

Package Rate

3 Children

10 Hour Package




25 Hour Package




Don’t Forget!

• Label all of your belongings.

• Bring enough diapers, wipes, and any necessary changes of clothes.

• If your child requires a nap (scheduled daily at 1 pm), you must provide your own fitted crib sheet and blanket.

• Please brig your photo ID an payment method at pickup

• Payments and balances due must be made at pickup time when services are rendered. 

• Children will only be released to authorized and identified adults.

• Bring socks for inside and closed-toed shoes for outside

• Bring your own nut-free snack and lunch

• Bring your own water bottle

Registration steps

• Prior to dropping your child, please make sure to complete and sign all forms in our Registration tab, before your first visit.

• Pay in person at pick up time.

• Purchase hourly packages in person at drop-off or pick-up.

• All balances are due at the time of pick-up when services are rendered.

Happy parents
make us smile

Read what our parents say about us!

“I really recommend Stop & Play, what a nice place, the people who work there are very attentive and always attentive to everything that is happening around them. Always with many activities, very diversified every day! My son loves being there.”

Leandro Silva
Leandro SilvaUnited States
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John Doe
John Doe
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“My son loves Stop and Play! He always seems to have the time of his life at the end of the day. We truly appreciate how caring the teachers are and more importantly, we are happy that our son is learning how to interact with other kids, learning how to share, and to be a good little boy. It has been a lifesaver for our family.”

Joao Rodrigues
Joao RodriguesUnited States
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John Doe
John Doe
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“THE BEST SCHOOL FOR MY KID. I’m so happy that I found stop and play and I visited and research a lot of different daycares before I found them. I came from California and work all day. I needed a place that could give the same love and education that I want to give myself.”

Priscylla Vital
Priscylla VitalUnited States
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John Doe
John Doe
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