More than 60+
years of collective experience

Hello and Welcome to Stop & Play! With more than 60 years of collective experience, our knowledgeable and caring staff aims to develop the minds of creative, engaged, lifelong learners by promoting hands-on activities balancing structured and non-structured play while offering parents a reliable childcare service that accommodates their unique scheduling needs.
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Our Story

Stop & Play was created by parents, for parents!

In 2019, Marlo and Karen, a couple of moms, saw a need for flexible, on-demand childcare in our community.

They came together to provide a safe, clean and wholesome space where parents, like them, could drop off their kids for some much-needed time for themselves.

Since then, Stop & Play has partnered with families to provide early education and creative play with reliable solutions to their childcare needs.

Our Methodology

We empower each child to be an active author in their development, paving the way toward growth.

Inspired by Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia methodologies, we provide a different approach to early childhood care and education.

Through a balance of structured and non-structured play, we provide joyful, engaging, and meaningful experiences enabling them to reach their full potential prepared to take on life’s challenges.

We can’t wait to show you what Stop & Play is all about

Our Values



 Our approach to early childhood education, empowers each child to be an active author in their development, learning through joyful, engaging, meaningful, and socially interactive experiences.



The happiest, most balanced parents raise the happiest, most balanced children. We provide parents with some well-earned peace of mind knowing they have a supportive and reliable community.



With the exception of movies during Parents’ Night Out and Fridays during camp, our kids do not have access to screens or electronics. We encourage them to socialize, use their imagination, incorporate lots of movement, and open-ended play (like we used to play before iPads!)



We believe meaningful childcare should be accessible to every family regardless of their schedule or time constraints. We strive to deliver a hands-on approach to early education.



Passion is what powers us! We are committed to providing the best for our children, their parents, and our community. We passionately deliver creative childcare solutions.



Our natural cork floors are anti-microbial, repels insects, do not off-gas toxic chemicals. Our walls are painted with VOC-free paint. We have over 40 plants in our building that are on NASA’s top 5 list of oxygenating and air-purifying plants. Wooden toys and natural materials for your kids to explore.


We're at our best when:

We are collaborating with parents and teachers as a cohesive team to nurture the character, resilience, and creativity in our children.

Meet The Team

Ms. Marlo Planas

Co-Founder of Stop & Play

21 years of experience

Speaks English and Spanish.

Mother of 3.

Loves outdoor activities in nature.

From Miami, FL.

Karen Gross

Co-Founder of Stop & Play

20 years of experience

Speaks English and Spanish.

Married and mother of 2.

Venezuelan in Miami.

Ms. Priscylla Vital

Front Desk

2 years of experience

Experience teaching martial arts.

Speaks English and Portuguese.

Mother of 1.

Loves to help others

and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian in Miami.

Ms. Blanca Coronel

Teacher of the 3s class

14 years of experience

Speaks English and Spanish.

Likes to ride a bike and to make parties.

Mother of 2 .

Ecuadorian in Miami.

Happy parents
make us smile

Read what our parents say about us!

“I really recommend Stop & Play, what a nice place, the people who work there are very attentive and always attentive to everything that is happening around them. Always with many activities, very diversified every day! My son loves being there.

Leandro Silva
Leandro SilvaUnited States
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John Doe
John Doe
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“My son loves Stop and Play! He always seems to have the time of his life at the end of the day. We truly appreciate how caring the teachers are and more importantly, we are happy that our son is learning how to interact with other kids, learning how to share, and to be a good little boy. It has been a lifesaver for our family.”

Joao Rodrigues
Joao RodriguesUnited States
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John Doe
John Doe
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“THE BEST SCHOOL FOR MY KID. I’m so happy that I found stop and play and I visited and research a lot of different daycares before I found them. I came from California and work all day. I needed a place that could give the same love and education that I want to give myself.”

Priscylla Vital
Priscylla VitalUnited States
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John Doe
John Doe
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